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Special Education

PTAC is in the process of forming a Special Education Committee to assure that the perspective of families of students receiving Special Education and 504 services are addressed within PTAC.

If you are interested in joining the committee or learning more, please contact:


Mission & Goals:

The mission of the Alexandria PTA Council Special Education Committee is to - 


  1. Encourage our units to create a Special Education Representative or Chair position that would be a member of your PTA Executive Board and a parent of student(s) receiving special education services; 

  2. Help parents of students receiving special education services feel more connected to their school community; and,

  3. Amplify the concerns of these parents to PTA, PTAC and ACPS leadership.


  1. Educate your PTA Executive Board on how best to support families who have children receiving special education services within your school.

  2. Serve as a point of contact for families whose children receive special education services at your school.

  3. Meet quarterly with PTAC Special Ed Representative and representatives from other schools.

  4. Host an in-person or virtual meet-up so that parents of students receiving special education services can meet each other in a supported environment.

  5. Work with your school PTA to ensure that students with IEPs and/or 504s are appropriately supported in all afterschool PTA-sponsored activities.

  6. Add your Special Education Representative to the agenda of your PTA meeting once per quarter, to introduce themselves, raise any concerns or just to serve as a resource.


  1. Alexandria Special Education Parent Support (ASEPS) – Informal, private Facebook group with over 140 members. Not an official ACPS group, but most members are ACPS parents. Send me a FB direct message (Dena Wichansky Penner) to join.

  2. ACPS Special Education Parent Resource Center (PRC) - Provides support & information about the special ed process. Good first stop for parents with children who are new to special education.

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